An Overview of our stay in Scottsdale, Arizona

Whenever anyone asks me about Scottsdale, my response is, “I’d move there in a second”.

Prior to planning our vacation there, I never really heard of Scottsdale. If you like to see the area and experience the region, there’s a lot to do. If you like to relax and take it slow, there are innumerable beautiful resorts, spas, and golf courses.

Our resort was impeccable, dining experiences were great, local experiences were memorable, and the topography is unique.

On our last night there, I remember looking up at the moon, shining so bright in the clear desert night sky. I was so relaxed and happy in that moment. This is what travel and time with family is all about.

Absolutely stunning sunset

Scottsdale is the type of destination that can be the perfect balance between tranquil relaxation and outdoor activity.

For anyone that’ll be in that area, either passing through or for vacation, I’d recommend this DeRo Destination!

Below is a video, reviewing our entire Arizona vacation. Future posts to follow on the rest of our trip! Please like and subscribe Destination DeRo on YouTube.

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