Scottsdale, Arizona-Our Resort Review

When we went to Scottsdale, it was 125 degrees. I’m not exaggerating. Only we would go to the desert, when they’re having a heatwave. But, you know what? We still fell in love with Scottsdale!

The closest area is Phoenix airport. It’s one of the large airports that you have to take a shuttle from the terminal to the car rental areas. One great thing about this airport is that all the car rental places were in the same building. Other airports have them scattered all over. One building made it so much easier to find.

The most popular and expensive time of year to visit is in the winter. Because of our schedules and budget, that wasn’t in the cards for us. Going in the summer actually worked to our benefit because we were able to get a great deal on our hotel and the resort wasn’t super jammed with people.

The next few posts will focus on the different parts of our trip to Scottsdale and it’s surrounding area. We also have a video, showing some of our highlights of the area. Up first is our resort.

Here’s our video, recapping our Arizona trip. We did venture to areas outside of Scottsdale, to be covered in future posts

Our Resort

There are a ton of beautiful resorts in the Scottsdale area, most have golf courses that are a big draw in the ‘cold’ months. Picking a hotel was overwhelming because each one was better than the last. Because it was Scottsdale’s slow season, there were so many options.

We decided on staying at the JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort and Spa. From start to finish, the experience at this resort was amazing.

When you pull into the resort, you feel like you’re being transported somewhere else. The grounds are just beautiful.

Beautiful fountain in the lobby circle

Once inside the lobby, you get the true Arizona feel. There is nothing generic or cookie cutter about this lobby.

Beautiful artwork, unique artifacts, cozy furniture, warm lighting and a fireplace, are a few of the things that stuck out in my mind.

Warm and inviting lobby

The staff was amazing. After traveling across the country, we were tired but still excited for our vacation. They saw our kids and went out of their way to welcome them to the resort and pick out a special toy from their treasure chest.

Our Room

How cool are these buildings? Our room was ground level, but there were some in the second floor.

The resort is large, so we had to get back in our car and drive to our room. Parking was not a problem and we found a spot right by our room. The buildings were so unique.

Once inside, our room did not disappoint. Our room was the over sized deluxe casita. We had two full beds (one king is also an option in this design) and a pull-out couch, small kitchenette area with a small fridge and sink, and a large bathroom were a few of the amenities. The decor and exposed beams just added to its charm

The kichenette is the doorway on the left. Where I am standing, the bathroom would be to my right and door behind me. But, let’s take a look at the exposed beams! 😍

Our favorite part of our room was the french doors that opened to our small patio that had an amazing view.

Our little desert oasis

I mean, can you even?!? Pictures don’t do it justice. Even though it was so hot, we still enjoyed our coffee out there in the morning and a few cocktails in the evening.

Not a bad view to wake up to!

Hotel Ameninities

The grounds were unbelievable. Perfectly manicured with so many beautiful cacti and flowers.


The pool was amazing. And, when it was over 100 degrees, going to the pool was a necessity! There was one large pool and a smaller kid pool The main pool was huge. Tons of chaise lounges, towels, umbrellas, and floats were provided. And, most importantly in the heat, there were a ton of areas set up with cups and water.

Nothing short of beautiful!

Let’s just enjoy that pool view for a second. Amazing.

The staff was so attentive and great. Drinks and food were available poolside, as well as at the pool bar/restaurant, Hoppin’ Jack’s. We had drinks and snacks delivered to our seats one day and ate at the pool restaurant another day.

Poolside service was quick and food was fresh when it was served. Of course our kids ordered ice cream. Even in the heat, it was still frozen when it got to us. Of course, they had to eat it up quick! The food is typical, they had a lighter fare…apps, salads, sandwiches,


As mentioned above, we had lunch at the pool restaurant, Hoppin’ Jack’s.

When we first arrived, we grabbed lunch at Rita’s Kitchen. They serve regional favorites. My husband and I both got salads and they were delicious. Not your typical salads, both had some type of southwestern flair.

Just looking at this picture relaxes me

We did not dine at the steakhouse or other bar on hand. Although we did get drinks and enjoyed in the beautiful courtyard. The seats were comfortable, ambiance on point, and drinks were delicious. What else could we ask for?!

Each morning, we took full advantage of having Starbucks within walking distance of our room. Off the lobby, with an entrance also from the courtyard, is a full Starbucks. Not just a place that ‘proudly serves’ Starbucks, a legit Starbucks!

Golf and Spa

There are a golf course and spa on hand. We did not get a chance to use either, as we were there for a short time, had the kids with us, and it was way too hot out for golf. The spa looked beautiful with a ton of services.

Wild west town

Just a short walk from the pool, there is a cute little replica of a wild west town. I believe they hold events there on occasion, but when we went up it was deserted. The area was super cute and our kids loved it.

Adorable little wild west town nestled at the bottom of this mountain at the resort

In Review…

Overall, our experience at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn and Resort was nothing short of amazing! Although we weren’t able to take advantage of all of the amenities, the ones that we did were top notch.

The beautiful grounds, unique buildings, and impeccable service were one of the best we’ve ever experience and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a laid back, beautiful resort in the Scottsdale area.

We put our stamp of approval here as an official DeRo Destination

Have you ever stayed here? Have any additional feedback? Leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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