Lunching at Mothership Bakery-Danbury’s hidden gem

Social media is great in so many ways. A few months back, Mothership Bakery popped up on my Instagram suggestions. I began to follow their account and then continuously liked every post showing their delicious food and drink. Finally, I was able to get there and I’m so glad I went!

The bakery/cafe is located in a building I have always loved in downtown Danbury. I remember when the previous business closed, I was afraid the art deco style building, built in 1931, would fall into disrepair. Thankfully, it has now been saved.

We were lucky to snag one of the 8 or so parking spots in front of the building, at the Main Street location. If those are full, there is parking located in the back of the building. There are signs to easily guide you there. There is no on street parking.

Walking inside, the vibe is one of my favorites, mid-century modern. The walls have pictures of Danbury during it’s ‘heyday’, transporting you back to those days and wondering what the walls would say, if they could talk.

So many delicious choices!

The counter has so many delicious treats on display and the full menu is on the chalkboards on the wall. We were stopping in for a quick bite. It was hard to choose because every option on the board sounded great. Outside of the baked goods-including cakes, scones, muffins, and quiche, there’s a full sandwich menu, salads, an egg bar, soups, and smoothies. The best part of all of these things, they’re made from scratch! Also offered, are a wide variety of coffees and specialty drinks. I chose a cappuccino and my little one got a PB&J. Because the baked goods looked too good to resist, we decided to try out a chocolate chip cookie and a lemon iced sugar cookie.

After ordering our food, we were given our cookies and a number to put on our table for the rest of our food and drink to be brought to us. The dining room has tables in varying sizes, as well as, couches and lounge chairs. The restaurant was bustling this afternoon and we took the only table that was available.

My cappucinio came within a couple minutes and the food followed a few minutes later. I ordered the regular size cappuccino. It was delicious and I wish ordered the larger size! The cookies were scrumptious. The chocolate chip cookie was soft, not too sweet, and had a homemade buttery taste. The sugar cookie was good too; it was thicker and a little heavier than the other cookie. My daughter enjoyed both cookies and her PB&J sandwich.

Lemon iced sugar cookie and chocolate chip cookie

There is a kids menu with various items offered. One thing I thought was cool was how you could order a peanut butter sandwich with traditional jelly, or you could switch it up with bananas or Nutella. I love that little different twist and option!

The whole atmosphere was very relaxed. You can tell people were meeting up with friends to catch up over lunch, knowing you could be comfortable spending time there. I also noticed some WCSU students studying there.

And the verdict is….

We loved it! This is exactly what the area has been lacking! We will definitely be returning to Mothership Bakery again real soon. Next time, we will be sure to go hungry to indulge in one of their awesome menu items and, of course, to sample a few other bakery treats.

They are open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch. Their hours Monday through Friday are 7:30 am-5:00 pm and 8:30 am-2:30 pm on weekends. I have a feeling once word gets out, this place is going to be packed.

They also offer online ordering and catering.

Is there anywhere else in area like this? Leave a comment if you know of another great place to check out!

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