Free Afternoon Matinee at Edmond Town Hall – Movie Tips and Tricks for Moms

Winter is always a tough time of year to keep your kids occupied, while the temperatures dip. Presidents’ Day weekend is always a fun time off, but often have a lot of downtime with endless energy to burn off.

While reading the local paper, the Newtown Bee, I saw free…yes, FREE…movies were being offered at Edmond Town Hall in Newtown.

This is a building I’ve driven by a million times and have always heard about, yet never stepped foot inside. A day off with no plans and a free movie was the perfect opportunity to check it out.

We’ve been to movies before with the kids and I’ve learned some helpful tips and tricks to make it as smooth and cheap as possible. Scroll down for those details.

The movie playing was Mary Poppins Returns. It was extra special for us, as it was our daughter’s first official movie theater experience. Well, we brought her when she was about six months old and I spent the entire time in the lobby with her, so that doesn’t count. (Is it called a rookie mistake when it’s your second kid??) Learn from my mistake-that’s too young, even for the ‘best’ behaved baby. I’m always leery bringing little ones to the theater because you never know how long they’ll last or if you’ll end up running to/from the snack bar and bathrooms the entire time.

The movie was to start at 1. We got there at about 12:40, which was perfect timing to beat the rush. We got our tickets and got on line for snacks. There was 3 or 4 people ahead of us in line. By the time we were done, the line for both the ticket booth and snack bar were wrapped around the lobby. There is only one theater and seating is limited, so go early to get a seat and snacks.

Walking into this building, you first notice the character and details that newer buildings don’t have. I snapped a picture of the lobby, showing the archways and woodwork. The blue color choice is a little odd, in my opinion. The original wood color would make it more grand and rich, but I digress.

We first tried to sit in the balcony, but the doors were locked. It seems like they keep these doors locked until the bottom level is full, as people were seated up there later. Even though we weren’t able to sit in the balcony, on our way up and down the stairs, we saw some beautiful murals. All depicted various buildings and scenes of Newtown.

We eventually found our seats, in the theater that was quickly filling up. The seats were roomy and comfortable. The cup holders could hold your fountian drink or small popcorn tub, I thought that was convenient. However, water bottles don’t fit too well. How do I know? Well, one water bottle toppled over onto my lap in the middle of the movie.

The screen is set on a stage. Because the theater itself isn’t huge, I doubt there’s a bad seat.

The movie was cute and our kids loved it. Lots of fun dancing, singing, and cartoon scenes. We actually lasted the entire time with only one drink break, one tub of popcorn dumped on the ground, one water bottle spilled in my crotch, and one mini-meltdown! I’d call that a success!

If you’re looking for a great place to take your child to their first movie or your kids to any movie, I’d recommend Edmond Town Hall. The movies aren’t the newest releases, but they’re still somewhat current. When free movies aren’t being offered, tickets are still only THREE DOLLARS.

They also offer the theater for rent for private parties. The price is reasonable and would be a birthday party to remember!

Mom movie tips and tricks

Here are a few of my tips to make sure going to the movies with little ones goes as smoothly as possible:

  • Pick a venue like this with free or deeply discounted tickets. It’s a great place to take your child for their first movie or maybe if you’re entertaining your older kids and their friends. If there isn’t anywhere like this local to you, check online to see if there are any savings to buying tickets ahead of time online.
  • Matinees or morning showings tend to have more kids and families, which makes the experience a little less stressful.
  • Check smaller theaters to see showtimes and available movies
  • Don’t go on opening weekend if you have a toddler/kid that may not sit through it or disrupt others. Some people take movies serious.
  • Bring snacks/drinks from home. Our kids love the whole experience of getting the popcorn at the theater. We totally allow them to get it, as long as they share with us 😉 But, if you also indulge in buying the candy and drinks, it starts to add up. Throw some candy you have at home and a few water bottles in your bag to have on hand.
  • Be prepared for a half hour of previews. I don’t know why, but it seems like every time we go to the movies, the previews get longer. There’s really no tips I have to get through this, just something to be aware of.
  • Budget enough time for parking, buying tickets, snacks, a bathroom trip, and finding seats before the movie starts. For popular movies, it may be hard to find good seats right before showtime.
  • Enjoy the experience! Sometimes kids movies can be just as enjoyable for adults and sometimes, they can be torture. Either way, enjoy every second with your sweet little ones, as it’ll only be a matter of time until you’re dropping them off with their friends.

 Edmond Town Hall Review

We love local finds! This is the perfect theater to bring your family to. The small venue makes it manageable with little ones. The venue has lots of character and really is special. On regular days, all movie tickets cost three dollars. What a bargain! Check their website to see what is showing and if there are any special promotions going on with discounted or free tickets. And, if you’re lucky enough to have a great sitter, maybe you can check out a flick on a date night without kids. 🙂

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  1. Hmmmm…. which local paper provided that information to you? Asking for a friend. 😉

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    1. The Newtown Bee, of course!! Sharing all the great local news. 😊

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    2. See update above. Thanks for bringing us the news!

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      1. 🙂 Thank you for that. I enjoyed this post. LOVE the photo of the lobby, with the woman walking in the background, and the photo of (I’m guessing) your daughter on the sidewalk. Really nice work.

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