Our Experience at Enchanted Tales with Belle at the Magic Kingdom

Just a princess and her castle

We’ve been to Magic Kingdom a million times and never gave the Enchanted Tales with Belle experience much thought, since we first went as adults alone and our son wasn’t into it at all. Well, that all changed when we visited recently with our Belle-obsessed daughter. This is not a ride, it’s an interactive walk through experience with lots of audience participation. There aren’t any height or age restrictions. In fact, it’s the perfect choice if you’re traveling with a large group, grandparents, extended family, etc. We did this with my parents and it was fantastic.

We booked our fast passes for this experience sixty days out, to ensure getting a preferred time slot. Have questions about fast passes? Check out our post or video about Disney vacation planning.

This experience is nestled in Fantasyland, next to Be Our Guest. The building is Maurice’s cottage and the theme is great. We have walked by this so many times, not realizing how cute and theme-oriented the cottage is. Because of our fast passes, we went directly into Maurice’s Workshop. The Stand-by queue goes through a room that has some details on the backstory of Belle and her family, prior to the ‘tale as old as time’.

Our initial role was a horse, until we were promoted to the Beast!

Of course, our little girl was dressed as her favorite princess, ready to meet Belle. When we first entered, we waited in a room that looked a lot like Belle’s father’s workshop. The magic mirror transports you to another room, which is the castle. In the next room, you’ll encounter some animatronics with some fun characters from the movie. I don’t to spoil everything, but it’s cute!

While in this room, they will ask if anyone would like to play certain roles. We weren’t sure exactly where it was going. No one was pressured to participate and the cast members knew how to read kids to know who was interested and who wasn’t. Everyone who was given a role practiced their part in that room. The cast members were great in making everyone in the room laugh.

Guys! Look at Lumiere up on the mantle!

Then, we went into the next room. There were benches to sit on, in front of the beautiful castle fireplace. That’s the room we finally met Belle! There is an adorable story that everyone that’s been given a role participates in and even the crowd is asked to provide reactions at certain times.

Here is where our experience became magical and one of our favorite Disney memories, EVER. Originally, a different child was cast as the beast. As with kids, they got nervous and changed their mind. By luck, our son who was originally cast as a peripheral character was asked to take over the Beast role, he obliged. We, of course, had no idea what that meant, but were excited.

The Beast roaring at Belle

During the performance, everyone does their part. The Beast has the most interaction with Belle, roaring and then, eventually, softening up and they fall in love. Besides having direct interaction with a princess, at the end of the show, Belle and the Beast dance. Our hearts instantaneously melted. I snapped about 8,000 pictures in the minute or so they danced and, not going to lie, got choked up. At the end of the show, everyone gets a round of applause.

“Tale as old as time…”

But, wait! There’s more…..Everyone there has the opportunity to have a meet and greet with Belle, take a picture (there’s a photo pass person there too), and get a special memento from Belle.

Little Belle and Big Belle

When our daughter got to meet Belle, I’m not exaggerating when I say everyone in the room said “awwww” in unison. At first, she was nervous to go with her but then walked up to her, stared into her eyes, and gave Belle the biggest and longest hug. The smiles on our daughter’s face and Belle’s were so genuine and full of Disney magic.

Is this experience worthy of a Fast Pass?

If you have little ones that love their princesses, especially Belle, YES YES YES!!!!! You get to have a really fun interactive experience and a meet and greet at the end with Belle. Is it something you should do every time you go to Magic Kingdom? I don’t think so. For us, nothing will top the first time, but as your kids grow and interests change, you may want do it again and again.

Moments like these are what Disney is all about! PURE MAGIC!

My parents were with us during the visit. They aren’t exactly Disney people, but during this experience, their smiles were ear to ear. They realized magical moments like this are exactly why we are always going to Disney with our kids. They both agreed that was one of their favorite moments and a memory they will cherish forever.

If you do not have little ones, this may not be for your family. But, there were people that weren’t with kids and were just enjoying the whole experience.

This experience with a DeRo Disney Destination Must-if you have little ones that love Beauty and the Beast.

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