Breakfast at Denver Biscuit Co.-Colfax Avenue

When we headed to Denver, we had a complete list of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert places to get to. On the top of our breakfast list was Denver Biscuit Company. They’ve been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Drives. I’m always a bit nervous to visit one of these restaurants, for fear they’ve gone Hollywood. Have no fear, this is not the case for DBC. They still ooze the local feel and provide their customers will a great experience.

There are a few locations of DBC around the city, we ate at the Colfax Avenue location. If you’re not familiar with this section of Denver, you should be. It’s an eclectic and funky area, with lots of shops and restaurants. The buildings all are older, but have a really cool vibe to them. You can tell the area is going through a revitalization, as much of Denver is.

We had to park around the corner from the restaurant, because nothing was available out front. All parking was street side and not metered. The street we parked on was lined with sidewalks, mature trees, and older brick single family homes. I loved the neighborhood feel you got, although you were still in the city. The only thing we found a little confusing was the sign. We were looking for something with the distinct name or DBC. The neon sign above the door has their crossed rolling pin logo, with AC underneath it. Now it makes sense, because the space is shared with Atomic Cowboy (AC), but at the time we didn’t get it.

They did not take reservations, so we had to wait a little. It was worth the wait! We enjoyed the time outside, noticing many people riding bikes to get around town. One family also waiting pulled up with two kids, each family member had their own unique retro bike. We definitely had some bike envy!

When we walked inside to be seated, the first thing I noticed was the smell; it smelled like buttery deliciousness and made me even more excited to eat. The decor was a perfect match to the neighborhood. The restaurant has exposed brick, high ceilings, soft lighting on some funky light fixtures, mixed with some mid-century modern furniture. The music was also on point. Lots of chill music from the 60’s and 70’s that just relaxed you.

Now, let’s get to the chase….the food!

Every biscuit option on the menu looked amazing. Biscuit sandwiches and platters are the majority of the menu. Also available are some traditional breakfast sides, like bacon and eggs, and some house options, such as local Colorado honey, house made honey butter, and house made pickles. When we looked around and saw what others were eating, we saw the portions were massive, but that didn’t stop us from ordering way too much.

We decided on three biscuits: the franklin, strawberry shortcake, and one of their biscuit cinnamon rolls.

Top row: the Franklin and strawberry shortcake
Bottom: biscuit cinnamon roll

The franklin is a delicious twist on the traditional biscuits and gravy. It has buttermilk fried chicken, bacon, and cheddar cheese topped with either sausage gravy or vegetarian mushroom gravy. We went with sausage gravy. This twist on the traditional is a savory success!

Our second biscuit was the strawberry shortcake “for the kids” (who are we kidding? It was for us too!). This was definitely more like a dessert than breakfast. A delicious biscuit with strawberries and strawberry sauce, topped with whipped cream. The biscuit paired perfectly with the sweet aspects. The strawberries and their sauce were very sweet. If you have a sweet tooth, this one is for you.

The third was one of their giant biscuit cinnamon rolls. This is the biscuit I chose and was super excited about. I love both cinnamon rolls and biscuits, so what could be better? As I anticipated, it was massive. The cinnamon sugar in the roll was sweet and gooey. The icing was generously put on top and looked a little toasted. I have to say, this did not disappoint. The mix of biscuit and cinnamon roll were perfect. You also have the option of adding bacon to the cinnamon roll, I decided not to do this, but I’m sure it’d add a nice salty aspect to this dish. This was also sweet and more like a dessert, but I think it’s something that can (and should) be enjoyed any hour of the day.

Our final word

The overall experience was awesome. The place was so hip, that I actually felt a little bit cooler as I headed back to our minivan with my kids after we ate. Haha But seriously, the DBC vibe is on point and I think is a great representation of Denver and it’s current rebirth.

Biscuits were fresh and phenomenal. No matter how they were prepared, they were amazing. With so many house made options, there’s something for everyone. This location is open 8:00 am – 2:00 pm Monday through Friday and 8:00 am -3:00 pm on the weekends. We went on a weekday morning, but I can imagine the place is packed with long waits on weekends. Enjoy a cup of coffee on the sidewalk with other customers while you wait and come hungry.

DBC is a DeRo Destinations Denver Must!! If you’re not near this location, check out their website to see if you’re close to a different spot.

Want to see and hear more about Denver and Colorado? Subscribe to our YouTube channel, Destination DeRo, to see videos from all of our trips!

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