Our Sweet Dessert at Il Bacio Ice Cream

What’s better than quality homemade ice cream? Enjoying quality homemade ice cream and supporting a family run business! For decades, Il Bacio Ice Cream, located in Danbury, CT, has been serving up their delicious ice cream.

Il Bacio is unassuming in a small plaza. The ice cream parlor itself is quite small, but that doesn’t mean the quality or taste aren’t huge. When you enter, you will see a white board on the wall listing all of their daily standard and specialty flavors. For ice cream, that is all made from scratch on site, there are a ton of options. There’s a variety of Italian ices available on a daily basis, too. It will be hard to choose what you’d like to order, as you see all of the tubs of ice cream lining the coolers. Soft serve and low-fat soft serve in vanilla, chocolate, and swirl are also available.

On our most recent visit, we went with one of their signature flavors that never disappoints-cookie monster. It’s blue vanilla ice cream with Oreos and chocolate chip cookies. The second flavor we got was the peanut butter fudge Oreo. Doesn’t that sound amazing?!! Of course we had to top it with whipped cream and Reese’s pieces. A wide variety of toppings are available and are perfectly placed at kid eye level so little ones can see exactly what they want. If you prefer shakes, they have those too.

When you’re there, it’s likely you will see one of the owners. In fact, last time we were there, the owner came out with a platter full of treats and offered them up to all of us for free. Now, I’m not sure exactly what they are called, but they were amazing. They were small bites of Oreo cookies with vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate.

After deciding on what delicious treat you’re going to get, you can choose to either sit on one of the benches inside or, if it’s warm out, on the benches outside. During the summer, these seats are usually all filled.

It’s like a real life Where’s Waldo? trying to find people you may know!

If you’d rather stand and eat your ice cream, there is plenty to look at on their signature picture wall. This collection has grown over the years and it’s amazing how many pictures are on the wall. It’s always fun to look and maybe find someone you know. Also lining the walls are many frames with clippings from newspaper articles they have been featured in, from the local paper to the New York Times. Even with all these accolades, they have stuck to their roots of serving up the best ice cream.

If you can’t choose and would like to try another flavor later, they also sell pints of their ice cream, flying saucers, chipwiches, those amazing Oreos bites I mentioned above, and ice cream cakes. The cakes can also be made to order for an event.

Our final word…

Il Bacio is somewhere we have gone for years and hope to continue the tradition with our kids! The consistency and quality of their ice cream are hard to match. You can tell the business is a labor of love for this family, they really put their heart into it and it shows. Il Bacio Ice Cream is a DeRo Destination Dessert Must! If you’ve never been, check them out. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed and will return again and again and again.

Il Bacio Ice Cream is located at 30 Germantown Road, Danbury, CT 06810.

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  1. Ryan DeRubertis says:

    Love the Cookie Monster flavor

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