Do you HooDoo (Barbeque)? We do! See if you should too…

Many years ago, in a land far, far away, known as Texas, we were introduced to barbecue food. It was love at first sight for my husband. We always thought barbecue was when you made food on your grill, and didn’t realize it was it’s own genre of food. At that time, there weren’t any legit barbecue restaurants in the area. Luckily, these type of restaurants have started to pop up. We have visited most of them and will review all of them, as each are unique in their own ways.

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Our DeRo Destinations BBQ review begins with HooDoo Brown Barbeque.

This restaurant is located in Ridgefield, CT on Route 7. Look for their sign or just follow the scent of smokey goodness the fills the surrounding area. When you walk in, you will notice the classic barn walls with lots of barbecue and southern wall decor.

The dining room is not too big. There are a good amount of tables (that are usually filled). Some tables do have shared dining, meaning if you’re a smaller party, you may be seated at a long table with a separate party. There usually is a seat or two between the two parties, so you’re not on top of each other. If you’re someone who does not prefer this type of seating, let the hostess know and they’ll surely accommodate. There are three things that I love in the dining room. First, is the huge glass window in the back that has the smoker behind it. It’s so cool to go up and take a peak at what’s in the smoker. You’ll see the staff working in there. It’s pretty neat. Kids love it! Second, is the huge Texas flag on the wall. Maybe it’s because we’ve been to Texas so many times over the years, it holds a special place in my heart. I just love it. The third is something that is a little hidden. On the large wall in the dining room, there are many framed pictures. If you look carefully, and are a child of the 80’s/90’s, you will find one framed picture that will have you quoting a class movie. I’m not going to give it away, you’ll have to find it for yourself!

Also, during the holidays, they go all out with decorating. I’m a sucker for any over the top holiday decorations.

There is also a bar off the dining room. Since we are always with our kids, we don’t get to enjoy this aspect. Judging by how busy they always are, others are belly up to it and having a great time. If you’d like to have a large dinner party or have a separate room, there is a room right off of where you enter that can fit these type of parties. We’ve been to a birthday dinner in that room and it’s great! You get your own area with full staff service AND get to sit under that awesome BBQ light!

And now, let’s eat!

Small nachos with pulled pork

Let’s cut the the chase…the food! There are so many delicious options. One appetizer we usually get wherever we go is nachos. I’ve loved nachos for as long as I can remember. I’m a self-proclaimed nacho snob and use it as a measure of restaurants. Luckily, my husband and kids love nachos almost as much as I do. Back to HooDoo’s nachos, they offer two sizes small and large. The small is a decent size for a table to share, leaving room for dinner. The large is HUGE. I’d by lying if I said we didn’t polish off a large on our own, but then we were just too full for dinner. The nachos are AMAZING. The cheese sauce is perfect. It’s clearly homemade with a slight bit of spiciness, but nothing overwhelming. You can get brisket or pork on your nachos. We’ve gotten both over time, but tend to go with brisket. We have also gotten the Texas Poutine, which has a delicious homemade dark gravy, and the fried green tomatoes. Both did not disappoint!

Meats and sides are served family style. This means, everything you order will come out all together, with the option to share with your table mates or have for yourself. The portions are plenty and if you want to try a few different things, this is a great way to do so. Meats are served by the half pound. Our favorites are the brisket, turkey, and smoked sausage (both the jalapeno and provolone are perfection). Sides are offered in a smaller size for one and a large size for sharing. We love the mac & cheese, baked beans, and seasoned fries. The fries are made in house and so good. All restaurants should do this. It really makes a huge difference!

Two sides of fries, two small sides of mac & cheese,smoked turkey, and created your own pulled pork sandwich

Burgers and sandwiches are also available. Burgers are awesome; they’re super fresh. One sandwich option that is nice is the Hoodoo Brown sandwich. This is a build your own sandwich with your choice of brisket, turkey, or pork with various toppings. All burgers and sandwiches are served with fries.

For the kids, there isn’t an official kids menu, but they do offer chicken fingers and fries. This kids meal is huge. If you have two kids, order one and have them share. You can also get a small side of mac and cheese for the kids.

We’ve never had dessert at HooDoo. This is only because we are always too full after indulging in their amazing food. The desserts offered sound and look amazing! Some of the offerings include Toll House cookie dough pie, fried Oreos, and s’mores ice cream cake. I am getting hungry just thinking of them!

And then, we drink

A bunch of beer options are available, both domestic and imported, draft and bottled. Regional beers, IPAs, and the traditional beers are all served. The drafts change daily and seasonally. There’s also a good variety of red and white wines.

The drinks that I think are the best here, are the craft cocktails. Their drinks each have a southern twist on them, that make them pair perfectly with the food. The Ol’Smoky Sangria and I’m Your Huckleberry Lemonade are my two top picks, especially in the summer.

Do you HooDoo??

If you’ve never been to this local place, GO! But, go expecting to wait, as it’s a popular place. Reservations are only for parties of 10 or more. We usually go here once every few months to get our fix. Never once have we left disappointed. The staff is great and really knowledgeable on the menu offerings. During the busy times, they may sell out of certain types of meat. That can always be a bummer, but can be a way to find a new favorite!

Another awesome thing that HooDoo does, is completely unrelated to food. Throughout the year, they do various fundraisers. In the past, when Florida was hit with a hurricane, they had a fundraiser that they served gator and proceeds from those meals served went to the relief effort. How amazing is that? When businesses do things like this and give back, they always hold a special place in my heart.

Overall, HooDoo Brown Barbeque is a great, comfortable, family friendly restaurant that offers some great Texas style barbecue food in New England!

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