Gran Fiesta Tour-the Disney ride you don’t know you’re missing

When at Epcot, there are certain rides everyone runs for…. Soarin’, Test Track, Frozen, etc. Of course, we always book our fast passes and dining reservations strategically to enjoy these attractions. However, there is one ride that we believe is underrated and worth a visit. This ride is the Gran Fiesta Tour in the Mexico pavilion.

Now, we are aware of the rumor swirling that this ride may be replaced with a Coco ride. We are holding out hope that this is just a rumor! Don’t get us wrong, we love Coco and think it’s a great movie, but this ride really holds a special place in our family’s heart and we have so many memories on it. Additionally, if a Coco ride was to replace it, I don’t understand how they would accommodate the large crowds, as the queue area for this ride is quite small and there isn’t space inside the pavilion to have people in line, without being in the way. Back to Gran Fiesta Tour…

When our son was around two years old, his love for Donald Duck began and was all he wanted to do and see when visiting Disney. When planning our trips around that time, we made sure that meeting Mexican Donald in Mexico was part of our plan. Then, we realized the ride in the Mexico pavilion featured the Three Cabelleros. We had one very happy toddler on our hands!

The Mexico pavilion is unique in it’s own right and we suggest anyone going to Epcot, take some time to walk around. Inside, it’s set up to feel like a Mexican street market. The lighting is soft and, no matter what the time of day, it feels like evening. There are vendors and shops, selling authentic Mexican souvenirs, with corresponding Disney themed items too. Also inside is tequila bar and San Angel Inn restaurant. We’ve eaten at San Angel numerous times and will have a post reviewing it shortly.

Nestled in the back left corner, you will see the signs for the Gran Fiesta Tour. There isn’t anything too fancy marking it and you could easily miss it. You walk through the line and usually don’t have to wear more than a minute or two to board the boats.

It’s a boat ride, similar to It’s a Small World. Because of this, the line continuously moves and many people can fit in each boat.

The ride starts going past the pyramid and tables at San Angel Inn that line the water. Then, you will head through the tunnel and begin the ride experience. You will follow the story of the Three Cabelleros and how they cannot find Donald. They will travel through the different areas of Mexico to find him. On many HD screens, you will see various sites in Mexico, all with the characters. Also lining the ride are different decorations, authentic to Mexico. At a certain point, you enter an area that feels very similar to It’s a Small World. We just love this section of the ride!

Eventually, the three amigos are reunited and finish off the ride performing their namesake signature song.


Since our first time, this has become one of our staple attractions when we go to Epcot. It’s the perfect ride for the entire family, from infants to grandparents. If you’re traveling with a large group, this ride should absolutely be on your list for everyone to do together. We have taken many family members that had never been on it before, and they have added to their must-do ride list. It’s also a great place to cool off and rest during those hot summer days. AND, you will have The Three Cabelleros song stuck in your head all day long. 😉

If you’re in Epcot, it’s worth the trip inside Mexico to check out this ride. Adios!

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