Castello di Amorosa

View of Napa’s rolling hills from the Castello

One of the most picturesque drives I’ve ever taken, is the ride into Napa. The beautiful rolling hills, covered with rows of grapes, are just gorgeous. When heading to Napa, there are so many wineries to choose from. Each one is unique, with the wines they offer and what the winery offers to guests.

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We went to a few different wineries while in Napa, and all of them were great. However, Castello di Amorosa took home the award as our favorite. Driving up, you will go through the vineyards and end up at the top, where there castle is. It was just beautiful. The stone exterior was so regal and really made you feel as if you were in Europe somewhere. There are areas outside of the castle you can walk in and tons of spots for some gorgeous pictures.

After crossing the drawbridge and heading inside the actual castle, you enter into an area in which you buy tickets to what you’d like to do while there. They offer a few different options, to suit your needs when visiting. We chose general admission, which allows a self-guided tour of the castle and a choice of five premium wine tastings. Upgrades are available, at an additional charge, for more wine tastings, chocolate add-ons, as well as, various types of guided tours. General admission for anyone between the ages 5 and 20 is cheaper. Since I was pregnant, and clearly not drinking, they were kind enough to extend the cheaper ticket price to me.

Pulling up to this beautiful castle is something straight out of a fairy tale

When we visited, I was pregnant and our son was three. So, the only one who got to enjoy the wine part of Castello di Amorosa was my husband. Being pregnant didn’t even matter, there was plenty to enjoy outside of the wine aspect.

Once inside, you will pass a room that has a table that looks like it’s set for royalty. The table is super long and you can grab a cool photo seated at the end of it. The room is adorned with other medieval decorations. I believe they held private events, such as weddings, in this room.

The main courtyard was my favorite part. You can either walk on the main level, or head upstairs for a different perspective. The flowers everywhere were beautiful. There were tables and chairs throughout, to rest and take all the beauty in. Our son enjoyed running around this area and exploring every nook and cranny of the castle.

Beautiful courtyard

For the tasting, you head downstairs. Once again, this area gave you the authentic castle feel. There was a gift shop down there, with lots of fun items. However, many of these fun items were expensive and breakable, so my son was kept very close to me. Past the shop, you will find a bar, where the wine tastings take place. A wide variety of wines are available. As mentioned, I was pregnant, so I didn’t get to do the tasting, but my husband did and loved each wine he tasted. The employees were knowledgeable and knew the exact wine to suit your palette.

Castello di Amorosa’s wines are not sold in stores. The only way you can get the wine to enjoy at home, is to either purchase at the winery and bring home or have it shipped home. Because the wine was so great, we purchased a bottle to bring home and enjoyed it as a celebratory drink, after I had my daughter. And, boy, it was worth the wait!

A Winery That Isn’t Just Wine…

Overall, this place was fantastic! I was apprehensive to head to Napa, as a wine-loving person, who couldn’t actually enjoy the wine at the time. I did not feel slighted at all when we were at Castello di Amorosa. Believe it or not, it’s a great place to bring your family. Our son loved everything about the castle and the ability to explore. The general admission ticket was perfect for us.

If you’re heading to Napa and looking for a winery that’ll have something for everyone and is a unique place you will remember forever, head to Castello di Amorosa. You won’t regret it!

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