Disney Magical Moment-Surprise Pop-up Character Meet and Greet

Sometimes, a magical moment at Disney comes when you least expect it. Prior to our visit, I heard of certain surprise character meet and greets popping up throughout the parks. I didn’t really think twice about it, when we were at the parks….that is, until we were lucky enough to be picked for one!

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As we entered World Showcase, I was holding my daughter’s hand, a cast member approached me. He said he noticed I had a princess with me and pointed at my daughter, who was dressed up as coronation day Princess Anna. I said, “yes”, and thought he was just being friendly. Then, he asked if we’d like to meet a real price and another princess. Of course we said yes!!

Then, the magic happened….

He lead us up a discreet path, that had large swinging doors that are usually closed. Back there was Flynn (Eugene) and Princess Ariel! Our entire party was so surprised, as this had never happened before.

Our own Princess Anna was completely starstruck. When we met Ariel in the past, she was a mermaid. To meet her as a human was so cool! There wasn’t a line and we went right up to Ariel. She greeted all of us, gave our daughter a hug, and posed for pictures. Because it is a pop-up, there isn’t a photopass cast member, so be sure to have your cameras ready. We quickly met Flynn (Eugene) too.

And, just like that, we headed back down the path, back into the park. So many guests were walking by, completely unaware of what was going on.

A Magical Memory

We were so lucky to be picked to meet Ariel and Flynn and it’s a moment we will always remember. When at Disney, you never know what magic lies around the corner, so always be smiling and the magic may find you!

Our vlog on our YouTube channel, Destination DeRo, has this experience on film. It’s pure magic!

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