Freaujolais/Frozen Sangria at Wine Bar George (Disney Springs)

Wint Bar George

Before heading to Disney, I read all about the new boozey Dole Whip Froscato offered at Wine Bar George in Disney Springs and made it my mission to get one while I was there. There was so much hype! Once I was there, my bubble was burst, as I was told they do not offer the drink everyday at this point, they sold out yesterday morning, and weren’t selling anymore until tomorrow. I was so sad, as I had imagined how delicious this drink was going to be.

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I guess the employee could see how disappointed I was because she then said they offer the Freaujolais aka frozen sangria or Frose aka frozen rose, that are closest to the frozen drink I was looking for. Since I was on vacation and living on the edge (haha), I decided to get a frozen sangria.


It was delicious!!!! I’m always afraid frozen drinks will be too sweet or sugary, but this wasn’t at all. It actually tasted like sangria, but more refreshing since it was frozen. This drink was the perfect balance.

Bottoms up!

Even though my Froscato Dole Whip dreams were shattered, my replacement Freaujolais (I feel so bougie when I write that) drink was the perfect replacement, that I will surely get again! Since it was at Disney Springs, I could get the drink to go, which was a great option. The hostess brought the drink right to the sidewalk for me and we went on our merry way.

Here’s our Disney Springs Vlog

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