Homemade Delicious Ice Cream Blocks from the Beach at Loxahatchee Ice Cream & Coffee

One of our favorite desserts is ice cream. We’ve been to so many different ice cream parlors over the years. Some are misses and some are hits. Loxahatchee Ice Cream & Coffee was a HIT. In all the ice cream places we’ve been, all over the country, their ice cream was the creamiest, yet not too heavy, and so flavorful! The newest location of Loxahatchee Ice Cream & Coffee, located in Juno Beach, Florida, opened in late 2018. We finally were able to check it out and it was worth the wait.

Located in the Juno Square Shops plaza, at the intersection of US 1 and Donald Ross Road, it is easy to miss their location when whizzing by. The signage isn’t large, so you may have to look for it. If you’re a local, it’s in the same plaza as the Thirsty Turtle and Juno Beach Cafe.

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The walls were covered with pictures of ice cream and signs with cheeky sayings about ice cream and coffee. Take some time to read them; they’re cute. Each table inside has a tic tac toe board inlay and a magnet board against the wall with letters to spell out things. Our kids loved this! In the back of the shop, there’s a huge chalkboard with a bucket of sidewalk chalk. The kids had fun drawing and writing all over the board. Little things like this make it a super fun place for kids and relaxing for parents, who may want to chat while they’re kids are occupied with these things.

So much homemade ice cream…

We stopped in later in the evening for a dessert. For 8:00 pm on a Sunday, there was a good amount of people there, either waiting in line or enjoying their ice cream, both inside and outside. The staff was friendly and helpful with offering samples to taste flavors before purchasing. I love when places do this, it really ensures the customer will enjoy their purchase.

Speaking of flavors, they have a ton! Of course, they offer the traditional flavors, but also some other combinations that were quite interesting. Like salty and sweet? Try the maple bacon or salty caramel. Like rich flavors? Try the Ghrirardelli chocolate. Have kids that like kid flavors? Get them cotton candy, superman, or peanut butter and jelly.

Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl Frozen Yogurt with mini peanut butter cups

The ice cream is made handmade onsite and it shows!! We went with a few different cones, all in their fresh made waffle cones. In addition to regular ice cream and cones, a wide variety of sundaes. Some that stood out, that we will have to try next time, are the Rockin’ Reese Sundae and the Cookie Sandwich. We saw other people order and enjoy the sundaes. They were huge and looked dilectable.

But wait, there’s more!

If, perhaps, you can’t eat ice cream or it isn’t really your thing, they offer other desserts! Some other options, that looked delicious, were chocolate covered pretzels with a variety of toppings and chocolate covered marshmallows.

Need a pick-me-up?

Specialty coffees and teas are also available

Since we visited in the evening, I did not get a chance to try out the coffee. The boards offer a ton of coffee, tea, and espresso options. One item I have never seen before was the Affogato. This is a scoop of ice cream topped with a shot of espresso, whipped cream and chocolate or caramel (or both!) sauce. Sounds like the perfect mix for dessert for breakfast. šŸ˜‰

Final Scoop

Loxahatchee Ice Cream & Coffee was great! The ice cream was delicious, staff was friendly and courteous, and their little add-ons made it extra fun for the kids. We absolutely be back and recommend anyone in the area, that’s looking for some good ice cream, check them out!

This is their second location. The original is located in Loxahatchee, FL.

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