Dinner with a view, literally, at ViewHouse-Ballpark in Denver

One word comes to mind when I think of this dining experience-unique! ViewHouse currently has three locations, with their fourth opening soon. We dined at the ballpark location. If you’re in Denver on a warm summer night, GO HERE. I’ll tell you why…

Awesome Location

They are located next to Coors Field, where the Colorado Rockies play, literally. The stadium is right next door. It’s very cool. Seating is offered indoor, rooftop, and outside. The place is big with a lot of tables. On the night we went, we wanted to sit rooftop, but it was closed for a private event. Because of this, we sat in the courtyard, which ended up being perfect for us.

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Courtyard Area

From the courtyard, you can see the Coors Field sign and lights, from the stadium, which is right next door. The courtyard is a large rectangle. One side has a bar, the other has a huge TV screen, with the stadium as its backdrop, and the third is lined with areas that remind me of pool cabanas. This area has comfortable outdoor couches with tables, have a cover for shade and are each separate. The fourth side is on the street, and also has some tables. In the middle the ground is fake grass and there are bag-o or cornhole, depending on what part of the country you’re from, games lining in. There are also high top tables for anyone who may be playing the game or there just for drinks.

Our Family’s Experience

Now, at first I was a little apprehensive about sitting out there, as it seemed more of a happy hour/bar scene. The staff assured us the kids were welcome and that we could get full waiter service at one of the cabana-like tables. The staff was so right!! The kids had plenty of room to move and climb around our little area. They also had a huge game of Jenga that we all had fun playing with. My husband loved the huge TV, that had the games on. They also had music. The place was SO CHILL. It was a beautiful summer night and we fully got to enjoy the weather in this spot.

So many food options

The food is casual American. For appetizers, we got the nachos, which were very good. We recommend adding the slow-roasted pork. Other offerings that looked great, but we didn’t get a chance to order, are bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers and proscuito wrapped mozzarella sticks. How good do those sound?!

Our cabana-like seating area. Lots of room. The fire pit in the middle of the table was not on.

For meals, there are tons of options. For the kids, there’s a kids menu. The meals are huge and a great deal. The meal is $9, but comes with the meal, choice of side, ice cream sandwich and soda, milk or juice. Our kids shared one meal and there was still some leftover. We ordered the little smokies in a blanket with mac & cheese as the side. For the adult meals, so many items are locally sourced and organic; it’s awesome. There are sandwiches, burgers, taco, salads, bowls, and entrees. There are also some vegan options. So, there really is something for everyone!

As mentioned, the kids meals come with an ice cream sandwich. A couple regular desserts are offered. One that is amazing is the skillet cookie. It’s a warm chocolate chip cookie, served with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. If you want this, be sure to order early, as it takes 15 minutes to freshly prepare this dessert.

Drink choices

As many places in Denver, there are a ton of local beers and spirits. Changing seasonally, they offer 35 tap and bottle beers, 15 local spirit distilleries, and over 40 specialty cocktails. Just like their food options, there’s a drink for everyone! I got the Viewhouse lemonade and it was amazing! This cocktail has raspberry vodka, raspberries, lemon juice, mist twist, and simple syrup. It was a nice, not too strong, refreshing drink. If you don’t like vodka, there are tons of other cocktail options with other liquors. My husband tried one of the many Colorado-centric beers offered. As anticipated, he loved his drink too.

View from my seat, as I was able to sit and RELAX while the kids played. 🙂

One unique drink offering, that looked interesting but we did not try, were their infusions. These are liquors infused with fresh fruit or vegetables for two weeks. They are offered either as a shot or cocktail. Some of the infusions were vodka and cucumber or blueberries, tequila with pineapples, and whiskey with apple, cinnamon and vanilla. However, one did not taste so appetizing, but maybe someone who is adventurous would try; this is vodka infused with…wait for it…pickles! Not sure that one is for me, but I’m sure there are some pickle lovers out there that would try it.

Take Me Out to the ViewHouse…

Overall, we LOVED the ViewHouse-Ballpark. There are so many food and drink options, everyone in your party will find something they like, and it will be delicious! All of the Colorado-centric and locally sourced items are great. I love when restaurants do this. It does make a difference in how everything tastes.

One thing that cannot be duplicated at other places is their location. The courtyard area was so awesome! We never ate a place like this before. The kids got to run around, my husband got to watch some of the game, and I actually got to sit back, relax and enjoy a drink.

We did not go to this restaurant on the night of a home Rockies game. I can imagine it would be very busy when they’re in town. If you want a quieter night, head there when the Rockies are away. We visited for dinner, but brunch (on weekends), lunch, and happy hour are also offered.

ViewHouse Ballpark is located at 2015 Market Street in Denver. Call ahead for reservations during the busy season.

Below is a vlog overview of DeRo Destination’s things to do in Denver.

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