Lynora’s-Jupiter…Wine and pizza and meatballs, oh my!

Whenever we are in Florida, we try out new places to get our Italian food fix. Recently, after months of following every delicious Instagram post, we tried out Lynora’s Jupiter. Not only was the food good, but the drink and atmosphere were, too!

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We headed to Lynora’s on a weeknight. We had a party size of six and no reservations. Because of this, we had to wait a little. There are benches by the hostess stand and a few high top tables set up outside. The best part about the wait? You can order drinks and apps from these tables! Everyone in our party got a drink while we waited. I love this option!

Our wait was approximately a half hour. Because we were able to enjoy a cocktail, it didn’t seem that long. I tried the red sangria; the drink was refreshing and fresh fruit it in was delicious.

When we were seated, our table was outside in the patio area. Overall, the restaurant isn’t too big, so that it probably why there was a wait. Sitting outside was refreshing on this evening, The patio is covered with fans, so I imagine it’d be comfortable during the day.

One thing to note is the parking is limited. Because of this, Lynora’s offers complimentary valet service. We used this option and it worked out great for us.

Antipasti (Appetizers)

Bruschetta Crostini

There are a bunch of appetizers to choose from. We decided to get three! The bruschetta crostini was so good. Tomatoes and basil were fresh, bread was toasted and extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and balsamic drizzle were good.

Fried Mozzarella

Our second appetizer was fried mozzarella. The cheese is imported and freshly battered, fried, and served on marinara sauce. You can tell these are made fresh, and boy does it make a difference. They were delicious.

Polpette della casa

For months, I saw posts about Lynora’s Meatball Mondays. This is when meatballs are $2 every Monday, all day. We weren’t there on a Monday to partake in the special, but I had to try the meatballs; so, we ordered them (polpette della casa) as an appetizer. They were served over sauce and mozzarella can be added for an additional $3. Now, the meatballs were really good. You can definitely taste the cheese. Our table shared them. However, the appetizer isn’t too big; it includes two large meatballs. If you’d like to enjoy more than this, definitely head in on a Monday to enjoy the special.

Lynora’s also offers complimentary bread, which was so good. I suggest dipping in Lynora’s own EVOO with some grated cheese.

Le Cena (Dinner)

Our table ordered a variety of meal options. Our kids went for classic spaghetti and marinara sauce. Both ate a ton of their meals, even after all the delicious bread and apps.

Lynora’s offers homemade pasta for some of their meals. One pasta dish that we ordered that included this was the fettuccine bolognese. The fresh pasta was delicious. The bolognese sauce was good, too. However, the sauce does have a bit of a cheesy taste. I’m guessing it has ricotta in it. This is something I loved, but if someone doesn’t like ricotta, they may want to choose a different option.

Chicken Parmigiana

One meal we always try at Italian restaurants, sort of as a litmus test, is chicken parmigiana (pollo parmigiana). Lynora’s did not disappoint. The portion of chicken was large and is served with a side of linguine.

Vitello Milanese

Veering off the red sauce meals, we also ordered the vitello (veal) milanese. This is a large piece of veal, pounded thin, breaded and fried, topped with arugula, tomatoes, red onion, fresh basil, fennel and EVOO. This meal does not come with a side of pasta, but really isn’t necessary, as it’s a good size.

Burrata and prosciutto pizza

For my meal, I had to try one of their artisan pizzas. Who am I kidding? I had this picked out months ago! I went with the burrata e proscuitto pizza. This pizza does not have red sauce. Instead, it has burrata mozzarella, proscuitto, arugula, cherry tomatoes, and EVOO. It was so good. I love when pizzas have fun options and the arugula went perfect on top (it also made feel sort of healthy after indulging in all the apps 😉 ).

Not just dinner…

Lynora’s doesn’t just offer dinner, you can also go for lunch, happy hour, and brunch! The brunch options look pretty amazing. A lot of the regular meal options are offered, as well as brunch specialties. I think we will have to head back to try out their zeppelo doughnuts, nutella fresh toast, and brunch pizza, along with some bottomless belinis!

As mentioned, there are some other daily specials, like meatball Mondays and happy hour. Seasonal events are also held for holidays, such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Did it pass our test?

Yes! After following for months online, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have super high expectations. The food and drink, from start to finish, were delicious. Lynora’s overall vibe is very chill. The restaurants breezy open air feel, really makes you escape the day to day, even if you’re only a few minutes from home. We will be heading back to Lynora’s again and suggest you give them a try too, if you’re in the area.

Lynora’s Jupiter is located at 1548 US-1, Jupiter, Florida, 33469. They also have a second restaurant location and a market in West Palm Beach.

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