Things Don’t Always Go As Planned: San Francisco Weather

Sunny day, but super breezy

One thing that’s guaranteed when traveling is that things won’t always go as planned. In this blog series, I will be sharing some of those times when this happened, how we handled it and made the best of it. By sharing these stories, I hope to lessen anyone’s worries about traveling with little ones (or in general) and that, no matter what, you will be creating some memories that’ll last a lifetime!

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I like to think I’m usually over prepared when on vacation. All bases are usually covered, everyone has food, drinks, and enough outfit changes. Well, when we went to San Francisco, that wasn’t the case.

Bundled up, in the rain and fog, in July. The Golden Gate Bridge is in the distance.

We headed there in July. I assumed, it would summer weather and temperatures, like 70 to 80 degrees. A few years prior, we went to California, during the same time of year, and that’s how the weather was, and that is what I packed for. Well, I learned that temperatures change very drastically from one area to another in California.

When we were in San Francisco, there wasn’t a day over 65 degrees. Each day was cloudy, with very few breaks of sun. Coming from the northeast, we could have easily handled the temperature, but it was also very windy. With the wind, it felt about 50 degrees. By the water, the wind was worse. When we headed to Alcatraz Island and it felt like winter.

While in San Francisco, we all had to invest in some very warm sweatshirts. We also had to rotate the couple pairs of pants I brought for each of us. Thank god for laundry in the hotels!

And the lesson is…

As I always say, learn from my mistakes! Whenever you’re heading somewhere new, CHECK THE WEATHER. It’s always good to check way ahead to have an idea of the weather, but it’s more important to check the week or so before you go. That way, when you’re packing, you have an idea of what the temperature is going to be and pack accordingly.

Watch our vlog all about our visit to San Francisco

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