Epcot Non-Ride Experiences: Figment Journey into Imagination

Journey Into Imagination has mixed reviews. To us, it is a classic Epcot ride. At the end of the ride, you go through Imageworks. This area is a favorite of our family. We always make it a point to get over to it; most times, we just don’t go on the ride! If you’re looking for a place for your kids to run around and cool off on an Orlando day, try out this attraction!

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Figment’s Melody Maker

Figment’s Melody Maker

In this area, you will see a large screen in front of you against the wall. There are two stations when you can stand to participate. When you wave your arms like a music conductor between the two poles that have sensors, Figment will dance around and play various instruments to the speed you are conducting. It is such a simple concept but always a busy spot, for adults and kids. Most times, we have to pull our kids away to give someone else a turn.

Wall Keyboard

One on of the walls, there is a large piano. When you push the keys, they light up and play music. Most people walk right by this area, thinking it is just a decoration, not realizing it’s part of the interactive fun.

Stepping Tones

Run, dance, compose at Stepping Tones

If you’re looking for an area for your kids to run around, literally, head over to the stepping tones section. It may not look like much, but once your kids get in there, it’ll be hard to get them out. There are light casting lights on the carpet or certain instruments. As you step on the spots, music plays. If you run from one to another, you can create a song of sorts. Before you know it, you’ll be stepping on the areas to make some music; I guarantee it.

Compose Your Own Figment

Create your own Figment!

Our favorite part of this experience is the Compose Your Own Figment area. The machines are a bit antiquated and our kids didn’t know how to use the mouse to make a selection, as it’s not touchscreen. With our help, they were able to design every detail of their dragon, even give it a name! After the dragon is done, you have the option to email it to yourself. Another outdated option, as I was expecting to be able to scan our magic band. Either way, our kids love it and the old technology didn’t both them one bit!

Character Meet & Greet

Character Meet and Green inside Imagineworks

On our most recent visit, the area had a lot of people in it, because they added a character meet and greet. The characters from Ralph Breaks the Internet were there when we visited. I’m not sure if this is a permanent character spot or just because of the movie.

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The entrance for this is the bottom level of the building. Follow the signs as if you’re going on the ride, but rather than go up to the ramp to enter for the ride, go to the right and enter through the exit at ground level. You will first go through a gift shop, before entering Imagineworks.

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