Things Don’t Always Go As Planned: San Francisco Weather

One thing that’s guaranteed when traveling is that things won’t always go as planned. In this blog series, I will be sharing some of those times when this happened, how we handled it and made the best of it. By sharing these stories, I hope to lessen anyone’s worries about traveling with little ones (or…

The Ins and Outs of Flying with a Kid

You’ve made it past traveling with a baby and toddler. Hooray! Even if you’re traveling with your kid and have a infant, toddler, or both also in tow, you got this. I started out my traveling with infant and toddlers blogs getting really real. I explained how your travel day probably won’t go exactly as…

The Ins and Outs on Flying with an Infant

I’ve covered flying with little ones a few different times. Since each age group has different needs and necessities when traveling, I decided to dedicate a blog to each specific group. I am trying to keep this as simple as possible. Going to get really real here first. Do not stress over the little details….

Our Last Minute Day Trip to Sea World Orlando

Spring Break time is here or right around the corner! It’s not too late to plan a last minute trip to fun places. Recently, on a whim, we decided to go to SeaWorld Orlando for a day. Hear how we fared without a set plan at a park with two little ones!

What to bring in your carry-on, when traveling with kids

When traveling, I found there are certain items to keep on hand that can be handy. In my post, Flying Solo with Kids, I explain what type of bag I think is a must for all Moms traveling. Here are my top items to keep on hand. I also created a YouTube video with these…